Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy 2-month Birthday

Today we marked Elynor's 2 months in this world with an exciting visit to the pediatrician (okay, exciting may not be the best descriptor - we did celebrate with a fun brunch on Saturday). Her 2-month stats are as follow:
LENGTH (why don't they call this height?): 24 3/4 inches (off the chart, the average for a baby at 4.5 months)*
WEIGHT: 12 lbs. 12 oz. (90-95 percentile)

*The influence of genetics on height doesn't really kick-in until 4-6 months, so it's too early to get excited about our future basketball star.
She checked out great in her physical exam and survived the 2 month vaccines (4 shots! OUCH!) with much screaming (the poor nurse's ears!).

In other 2-month developments, as you can tell from recent posts, she's really found her smile and shares it often. When not smiling, she's also finding her voice, and has recently introduced some new coo-like sounds, as well as some unique new squeals & screams. She's staying awake for longer stretches during which she most enjoys just taking in her surroundings. She's particularly attracted to lights and likes to chill to music. She'll grasp most anything you place in her hand with a super-tight grip. Her sleeping during naps, though still not perfect, has improved greatly, and praise God, she still goes down and back to sleep well at night!

How amazing is the opportunity to take part in this little human's development! We continue to marvel at even the small things, giving thanks to God our Father for this precious child.


Liz Mouse said...

Good job Elynor, although you don't have her on weight, you'd beaten Lauren (the giant mouse) in height. Lauren's two month stats were: 14lbs 10oz, and 24.5 inches. Is that a onsie length extender in the photo? Good idea...did you buy it somewhere or make your own?

SheWesty said...

Wowzers! What did the giant mouse weigh at birth? Maybe they'll be able to share big girl clothes one day! Yep, that's a onesie extender. I wish I made it. I actually bought a pack at The Right Start. $12 for about 6 of them (to fit different sized snaps), I think. I am following your inspiration, though, and working on my own Baby Legs. We'll see!