Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The City that Works


If our experience is any indication, it's no accident that Chicago's motto is simply, "The City that Works." Period - with no promises of timeliness, attitude, or quality. This afternoon a van from the Department of Signs and Markings pulled up (going the wrong way on a 1-way) and finally took down the handicapped parking signs used by our home's former resident. This, only 4.5 months after the request was submitted to our alderman's office. Wow. How long will it take after they make the proposed budget cuts?

I applaud our city's setting the bar high. It must be pretty difficult to live up to the promise "to work". Then again, I guess I shouldn't complain. At least I don't live in "The City that Doesn't Work".

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Leslie C. said...

YES! Our mailbox got tagged by "ugz" (watch out!)2 days ago. I went out to buy a magic eraser yesterday and was on my out of the house today to clean it when the Dept. of Streets and Sanitation drove by, stopped and cleaned it for me. I was very much impressed. Take that Ugz!