Friday, October 10, 2008

Out of Storage

What was supposed to be one month of storage turned into almost two... but I'm happy to share that our unit is now EMPTY! So long Public Storage. Hopefully we won't be seeing each other again for some time.

This means that the majority of our possessions are now in our home. I say the majority because the suitcases we've been traveling with are still at our current borrowed home and random stuff like our bikes and some framed art is in another friend's garage. Oh yea, and our mobile storage unit (aka, our car) is pretty full. But in the big sceme of things, most of our stuff is there. In addition to our stuff, our home is also still littered with more construction supplies than I'd like (most of which Rye & I have no clue what to do with) as well as construction debris. Hopefully by the end of this weekend (or at least next week) we'll have found new homes for the construction junk (or at least organized it all) and seemingly organized places for our stuff... at least until the remaining closets, etc. are finished up.

Please pray for a few incredibly productive days - and stop on by if you're looking for any painting, sanding, or moving gigs.

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