Thursday, October 2, 2008


A few weeks back several of our friends joined together to throw Elynor a surprise birthday party! I don't think she really got it then, but one day she'll be excited to know she was possibly the youngest surprise party recipient ever. This generous expression of love is yet another example of how God is taking care of us during this interim time through dear friends.

Here are a few highlights from the party and TONS more awesome pics of Elynor and other revelers (courtesy of our dear friend and awesome babysitter, Natalie - let me know if you'd like her to do a photoshoot for you) are posted on Picasa. Also, please note that the party was on a weekday, hence, no dads.

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Liz Mouse said...

Wow, your friend Natalie has photog SKILLZ! I can't wait for the photography smackdown that will happen when she and Jace get together on the Turkey trip. It will be all... 'well your lens choice this' and 'that's the wrong f stop that' and 'in this light the correct exposure should be this' ya ha!