Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Move-in Weekend

One of the highlights of our recent adventure has been experiencing the outpourings of love from various friends & family. Really, I find it often takes crazy circumstances to experience the physical manifestations of love. Why is that? In any case, we were yet again the grateful recipients over our move-in weekend.

First it was Saturday when 6 friends pitched in a day of labor (and many of their wives & children loaned them out). It was so cool to walk through the house and see friends cutting, sanding, and painting trim, and patching drywall, among other things.

Then my parents arrived on Sunday to pitch in a few days of labor. By Tuesday evening (with some additional help from my Uncles Danny & Carey & Aunt Mary on Monday) we were lightyears ahead of where we were on Friday with such projects as insulation, mudding Elynor's closet, and LOTS of cleaning - to name a few!

It's already a thrill to look at the finished products and think about the people who poured themselves into them - and us. Thank you, again! Here are some highlights (sorry, all, I didn't take many pics):
Tim, our spackling man!

Reid, our woodworking expert and provider of the cool tools!

Grandpa Kev & Grandma V provide some great entertainment for a curious little girl.

Helping Grandma V move some pictures.*

Helping Mama give the grand tour to Aunt Mary.*

Grandpa Kev making Elynor's closet beautiful.*

Daddy takes a well-earned break!*
Special props to Rye who became a construction laborer from sunup to sundown for multiple weekends in order to make this place move-in ready.

Special thanks to our awesome photog., Uncle Danny!

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