Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10,351 steps

I haven't posted much lately because I've been running around... somewhat literally.

Yea, yea.... I've notched up my paid work hours a bit, I'm managing (and living in) a home remodeling project, and do a fair amount of chasing an active 14 month old... but I'm also taking part in a 10,000 strides challenge.

Here's the deal... between now and January 4, the challenge is to take 10,000 strides (steps) a day. The official challenge has been cast by Stroller Strides. I've been teamed up with 2 other fit mamas (our team name is Love n' Strides) and our goal is to take more collective steps than all the other mama teams we're competing against to win some fun prizes.

Of course, the motivation to keep moving over the often-sedentary holidays was personally motivating. But so, too, was the curiosity about just how many steps I take each day. I was already surprised by yesterday's 10,351 total (a little under 5 miles). I didn't start counting until noon and I only went for a short jog (just under 2 miles). This means over 1/2 was from my standard errand running and walking around the house! I guess this is one reason to give thanks for the multilevels in the new place. I'm working today and driving to MN tomorrow, so the counts are sure to be lower. But isn't it awesome to be made more aware of your activity levels?

So here's to a holiday season filled with friends, family, yummy food, and 10,000+ strides.
Why don't you strap on a pedometer and join me?

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