Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Professional Protocol

I've got a piece of advice for many of the males who have been in my home doing work over the past several weeks (no, not you, Rye & Dad) - please put down the toilet seat after you've used it! I love that you feel at home and all while working in my house... and I know there's some debate about if an up or down seat is more 'correct'.... but please just leave it as you found it. I guess I assumed incorrectly that this would be part of a standard plumber, tile, or other general laborer's house-call training.

On a related note... let me just say how awkward it is for a woman to, ahem, do her business, with a home filled with workers. Yesterday I just had to give in and ask one of them to vacate the 2nd bathroom for a minute. I couldn't hold it any longer!

Okay, how's that for a random vent after a long time of silence?

There's more to come shortly... including some pics of lots of house progress!

1 comment:

Jace Mouse said...

There's a training program for trades people? I hate to sound insensitive to your plight, but I humbly request the lesson on "How to Show-up On-time" be moved ahead of the one on toilet training. :)