Friday, November 7, 2008

Where, Oh Where?

Is our camera battery charger?!

I'm confident the past week was the most undocumented of Elynor's life. You see, the night before Halloween, after seeing that blinking "charge battery pack" message on our camera, we realized we've got no clue where the stinkin' blue charger is! Of all the things to misplace in our crazy nomadic life... and of all times... Ahhhhh! After searching high & low and literally tearing the house apart (well, tearing it more apart than it already was) we think it's a casualty. And so is the documentation of the past week's events. And a big week it was - Halloween, Obama's election night rally, the install of our kitchen counters.

Good thing we had good friends to snap a few shots here & there. I'll share some of them soon. In the meantime, I think we'll have to look into purchasing a replacement charger. Surely we aren't the only ones to experience such a casualty.


Liz Mouse said...

Was it a canon elfph...we might have a spare charger of that brand kicking around.

Leslie C. said...

I would be less lost without my cell phone than my camera. I am mourning your loss.

Sunshine Eyes said...

I HATE that feeling. We left our charger in a hotel room on vacation, and all it took to send us shopping for a new one was the phone call to the hotel manager that told us it would cost them $89 to mail it to us. WHAT?! So annoying.

Anyway, sorry that you missed some great moments. It really hurts, doesn't it!?

We're missing the Westys.