Friday, March 26, 2010

30 + 1 = Ryan!

As of Monday, Rye is officially a 30-something. We celebrated his big 3-1 with a few of his faves: meat-filled deep dish pizza (he & Elynor did, anyway), chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, and Illini basketball (so what if it was in the NIT?!:). When shopping for the cheesecake ingredients Elynor decided he would love some green carnations and picked out one for each family member. She's knows his tastes so well, doesn't she?! Here's to another great year!

Who needs a bib when you can just take off your shirt!?

Aren't those flowers beautiful? E is talking to Rye while eating lunch in the background. Below is a clip of her multitasking prowess.

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Emily said...

What a riot! She cracks me up!