Tuesday, March 2, 2010


E: I want someone else to do that.
Me: To do what?
E: Someone else to feed Annikah from their belly button.
"How's Elynor doing with Annikah?" is a frequent question we hear these days. And our answer is, "Pretty well, we think.". We've definitely had our fair share of tantrums, whining, and unpredictable behavior... but the truth is, these were present before Annikah's birth. It's difficult to separate what's due to Annikah's addition and what's simply the result of being 2. All in all, Elynor shows tremendous concern and affection for Annikah and likes to help in any way possible (sometimes a little too much...). She's full of kisses for Annikah and likes us to narrate her every move to Annikah (Mama, talk to Annikah about Elynor eating cereal... Mama, talk to Annkah about Elynor dancing...).

Judging by the above exchange, she'd probably prefer a little more undivided attention from me, but most obvious jealousy appears in the presence of Daddy. When he's around she prefers all his attention be on her. But again, this is not so different from the pre-Annikah days.

As Rye & I continue to navigate this new adventure, we pray for wisdom in loving both girls individually while also helping them to cultivate a rich friendship.

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