Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy 4 weeks + 2 days!

Tuesday marked Annikah's 4 week birthday! Though some days seem to last forever, the the 4 weeks have flown by.

A is following a pretty regular 3 hour routine with a few longer stretches at night. She's eating like a champ (fits right in around here:) and minus some fussiness in the evening is a very content/predictable baby (praise God). She is staying awake for about 1 hour at a time and has become much more alert in the past week. She loves to watch her sister and has also shared a few smiles (mostly for e & rye). We introduced a bottle around week 2 and she's gone back & forth wonderfully. She's also quite flexible with where she sleeps - one arrangement we're still working out. During the day naps alternate between her crib & bassinet - mostly determined by if elynor will be in their room. At night she starts in the bassinet (in our room) and then after her first feed goes downstairs to the Moses basket. I just couldn't stand hearing all her baby noises as I tried to sleep. She probably won't sleep in the crib at night until she's sleeping through, as we're cautious about disrupting elynor. I'm crossing my fingers that's soon. Though she does well for her age, the reality of a month with no long stretches of sleep have caught up to me. I'm feeling the sense of some serious jet lag - walking in a fog, headaches, and slowness. I can't wait for the girls to go down for afternoon naps so I can sneak one too (thank goodness this happens most days) and E nearly has the Little Einstein episodes on my phone memorized. I'm giving thanks for the recent days with sunshine to wake me up!

Here are A's 4 mo stats:
- 11 lbs. 10 oz. (95%)
- 23" (95%)
- head: 14 7/8" (50-75%)

... Quite comparable to E (once she got on the charts, around 3 mo.)

We love you little girl and can't wait for what the next month holds!

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IndianaMomma said...

Oh the two of them in the basket - precious! You are giving me baby-itis!