Monday, March 22, 2010

Mystery Grafitti Truck

This has been the view from our front door for almost 2 weeks:

Well, the crazy yellow truck mysteriously appeared 2 Saturdays ago. The first layer of grafitti appeared 3 nights ago and an additional layer has greeted us each morning thereafter. We've seen noone go to/from it but the IL plates/sticker are current.

Is it an innocently parked truck that has had the sad misfortune of becoming a tagger's canvas? Is it a traveling canvas for a particular group (gang?)? When, exactly does this painting happen (while I'm up feeding)? What's inside (or who)? How long do we wait to report it?

...the questions list is long.

One thing I'm sure of is I'm thankful our house isn't currently on the market.

Add this to the storybook of our life in the city!

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1 comment:

Leslie C. said...

Much better the yellow van than your property. We had misfortune with our garage on several occasions. Call 311, they will be on it in a heartbeat! It is the city that works, most of the time.