Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It seems Miss Elynor's body heard about our recent streak of frigid temps and wanted to get in on the act. So here we sit enjoying her first cold (it's crazy to think about how many more will surely attack throughout her life). Her poor little nose is stuffy and her cough rings of congestion. Praise God, though, it doesn't seem to have hijacked her spirit. Other than waking up more in the middle of the night (and who doesn't when they can hardly breathe?), she seems to be her typical happy self. That is, until I come after her with that crazy nose cleaning tool (my aunt used to call it a snozzola). She doesn't quite get the concept of "it's for the best, I promise", instead wriggling her little head and batting her arms in defense. When I finally hit my target (I pray I never hit her eye with all her wriggling) and suction away, she just screams. I have to keep brainwashing myself that it's for her best, this is the only way she can breathe while eating... or there's no way I'd keep enduring this battle, being the evil nose suctioner!


AKA said...

Around here we call it the snot sucker! And just this past weekend I wrestled Kylee to the floor and pinned her down to use it when she refused to blow her nose! Imagine me chasing her, singing "here comes the snot sucker, word up! still love ya like that, word up!"

Sally said...

We call it the boogie getter! I feel the same way about using it, Blake just cries and cries, but as soon as it's over, I pick him up and cuddle him and calm him down!
A humidifier also really helped Nathan with his first cold, and elevating the crib mattress with a pillow or blanket underneath the mattress also helps with congestion.
We pray she heals quickly!

The Warner Four said...

We call it the blue tool! Everyone hates that thing, you're not alone Sarah :) Courtney

Liz Mouse said...

Is it wrong to wonder why there isn't a baby product that will hold your baby's head still while you suck out boogies and clean out eye gunky? Is that too much like a medieval torture device? My sister-in-law told me about a super powered snot-sucker they have at hospitals if your baby really gets a bad cold. Thank goodness Lauren hasn't been that congested yet.