Friday, January 18, 2008

Officially a Full-Time Mama

Yesterday I learned that my former employer decided not to give me a part time job as proposed/requested. It's been an interesting 24 hours processing this decision. Though not thrilled about it, we're choosing to look at it as one of a door opening instead of closing. We are confident this is the beginning of a new adventure - one in which God has something just perfect waiting for us.

As a good friend reminded me, it's not like I was just let go (which is kind of how it feels) to sit at home and twiddle my thumbs. No, I have a beautiful, growing daughter to hang out with and teach all about this world. So for now, when people ask me what I do, I will confidently say, "I am a CEM - Chief Executive Mama!". I will likely do some work on the side as an independent contractor in order to fund our adventures (so let me know if you have any research/project management/writing/marketing gigs...). Or maybe pursue whatever other crazy dreams enter my mind!


essyba said...


It makes NO SENSE - but this is precisely when God can make sense of it for you. YOu are already on track- CEM is the most valuable job on earth and passes to generations to come.
No amount of money can replace the character of a child who has been shaped by a loving mother who didn't count the costs - but counted the blessings!
Aunt Corinne

IndianaMomma said...

It may not be what you planned, but I am very happy for you all the same! So even though we don't have the work connection anymore, we can still be friends, right?

Sunshine Eyes said...

Friend, I can only imagine how icky this feels. You have given so much of yourself to your work and you've been such an important part of that team. I'm really sorry. Change is never easy, particularly when *forced* upon us instead of being change that we chose.

I don't feel any need to encourage you to focus on your life with your precious little one - I know you're already doing just that. But I will pray that God would bring you and Ry both great peace as you consider your next options. He knows exactly how He wants you to spend your time.

Do you mind if I adopt your CEM title? :) I like it alot!!