Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Elynor's First Movie

Yesterday Elynor saw her first movie in the movie theater. That's right, we're starting her young. Though I anticipated she would be in baby heaven with the giant screen (since she's so addicted to our TV), she really payed little attention. Instead she played with her toys, bounced on my lap, and fell asleep. Maybe it was the mediocre film, 27 Dresses.

Please know that I've not completely lost my mind taking a baby to a movie. No, a few theaters in the area have Mommy (or Daddy) Matinees on Tuesdays. They don't completely darken the theater and babies are welcome. It was actually a funny sight - a theater filled with about 30 women with babies and strollers in tow. There were periodic yelps from the younger audience, but overall, it was not too crazy. The best part was the elderly woman who apparently didn't get the baby movie memo. Poor thing. Her future matinees will not be on Tuesday!
Movie Babies! (Lauren, Elynor & Charlie)

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