Thursday, January 17, 2008


Do makers of Tupperware or Rubbermaid or whatever other brand of plastic storage containers have to design them with little ridges & lips around the edges that insist on collecting water in the dishwasher and spilling all over the poor soul who empties the dishwasher or the floor or the counter? Really, we're in the year 2008. How long has Tupperware been around? Surely some brilliant design guru could fix this. Their own designers must not use the stuff in their homes. Or must not use the dishwasher to clean them.


Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh!! we must have the same blood running through our veins b/c this same angry thought enters my mind every time i do the tedious task of emptying the dishwasher! latest angery rage: last night, approx. 6:30 pm.

essyba said...

I have had the same Tupperware container for over 20 years that safely allows me to store my
Sweet 'n Low. I open it at least 3 times a day!!!

Over 20 years and it still has the same tight "snap". I guess the design was for longevity, not considering the frustrations it would be encite.
Aunt Corinne

Liz Mouse said...

I feel your pain. Lately my baby food bowls gather as much water in the dishwasher as the tupperware...ugh.