Thursday, April 24, 2008

Condo Open Houses: This Weekend

If you're looking for a great 2BR condo in a fabulous Chicago neighborhood, stop by and visit us at this weekend's open houses (or send friends/family):
Saturday, April 26: 2-4pm
Sunday, April 27: 12-3pm
We've really loved this place and trust the next owners will have equally great memories here.


Christan said...

Good luck with the open house! I hope it goes well and you have good weather. Sunshine always brings out the buyers!

Leslie C. said...

love the flyer!!!!

Kristian Aloma said...

Good luck! One thing that helped when we did it by owner is a site called The real benefit to using them is they will list your house on the MLS (as in for free. You still sell it by owner and you still DON'T pay any commissions. You just have to mention their name on the bottom of the flyer or whatever and keep them posted of if it's sold. I'd really recommend them. I had no trouble at all with it.