Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Elynor loves her new MeToo seat (thanks for the recco, Eric & SC) that attaches to the side of the counter. And Mommy loves no longer worrying about her popping out of her previous Bumbo seat! This is an awesome staple for those who don't want to fill their small space with a highchair. It's also incredibly portable, making dinners out or at friends' more enjoyable.

She also loves to play with Cheerios. Still no interest in eating them... but we figure she's got time. Hopefully this photo/clip of how we start our day will make you smile! And thanks for the super-cute PJs Grandma V.


Becca Langstaff said...

is that kid sneezing in the clip?? if not- she makes some crazy noises!! and she looks so much like you sarah!! i can't wait to see you guys soon:)

SheWesty said...

No sneezing. This is just the tip of the iceberg of her crazy noises.

Liz Mouse said...

It sure sounded like sneezing to me too (and Lauren since she let out a big sneeze after watching the movie)! Elynor is such a ham. I also think she has some expressions where she looks very much like her mommy.

Sunshine Eyes said...

LOVE all the sounds and faces she makes in that video. So fun to see your "normal morning routine" when we can't see her in person... She's looking so very grown up!

And I'm thrilled you like the chair. Brooks is still doing quite well in it at 17 months, so hopefully you'll get lots more use out of it!! :)

namesconnie said...

Just clicked "Next Blog" and saw your little video clip of your baby. So cute! Very happy baby. Smile.

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