Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We've been dogsitting our former dog, Ally, for the past week. Since Elynor & I were gone until Sunday night, they've really just gotten to know each other the past two days. So far their relationship ranges from very, very interested (meaning lots of poking and licking) to complete disinterest. While they've done very well with each other, I look forward to returning to our days of unobserved playtime tomorrow. Here are some pics from today's playdate.

The calm before the storm.

A gentle, introductory shake.




Following an attack of Ally kisses!
(No, Elynor is not growing a beard, those are Ally hairs all around her mouth.)


Jace Mouse said...

Cute pics. I know what you mean -- we love our Indy but Lauren spends her days hearing a chorus of "no touch!"

Sunshine Eyes said...

I didn't realize that Ally had a new home. I'm sure that has generally made life much much easier!!

jen said...

I love the "pow" picture, and the one right after... :)