Friday, August 24, 2007

Nighttime feeding

I was hoping tonight would be the first night in a long time without the need for a nighttime feeding. But as you can tell by the hour of this post, no such luck.

Wait, Sarah, I didn't think you had the baby yet, you say?

You're right... we're talking Sarah feedings here.

Yes, in an effort to bring my bloodsugar back up to normal, I've recently been plagued by the need for nighttime feedings anywhere between 2 and 4 am (or both). On Wednesday my doctor explained that toward the end of pregnancy my insulin needs, which have been really high throughout the pregnancy, decline as the placenta gets older. She then reduced my overnight insulin rates and sent me home dreaming of a night with no need for juice guzzling and/or applesauce downing. But with tonight's 1:50am count of 45 (target is 80-100), I guess we need to drop the insulin rate even more. I'll explain more on this subject in a future post RE: Diabetes & Pregnancy.

So here I sit slurping my applesauce doused with sugar (I finished the juice last night) - contemplating if I should also brush my teeth before dozing off again, watching the natural light show out the window. Baby is dancing... she must like it. Maybe this is God's way of training me for the nighttime feedings in my future.


Rebecca said...

i new exactly what kind of feeding you meant my dear sister:) i was hoping you'd be eating grapes, and perhaps throwing them at someone as is the tradition:) i suppose that will only do when i'm around though!

SheWesty said...

hehe. i'm a little bit more calm when i'm the only one awake. maybe this baby girl will have to watch out for flying grapes at 4am...