Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer Celebration & Pre-Baby BBQ

What a weekend we had August 11 & 12 celebrating the upcoming arrival of Baby Westy and my 28th birthday! Sorry for the delay in posting these photos & recap (I had some technical challenges). Better late than never...

The weekend began with the Friday eve arrival of Grandpa & Grandpa Cochrane and Aunt Katie - ready to help with some final clean-up and prep. Saturday was filled with a flurry of prep, all coordinated by our awesome & incredibly organized hostesses, Lauren, Beth & Alisha (also special thanks to Alisha's husband, Stephen). Their attention to ALL the details was amazing - from the beautiful bright pink daisies to the pink gingham ribbons wrapped around green napkins. Around 4pm our courtyard began buzzing with dear friends & family... and with the cool drinks, watermelon, and delicious burgers & brats (thank you Cochrane brother BBQ crew!), the celebration rocked on until early evening.

Though we were exhausted after the day's events, we were also blown away by the love & support shared by so many. It was awesome to catch up with many who traveled for the party and/or we rarely see. Special thanks to the beautiful hostess crew who made the day possible - we love you! We are blessed to be surrounded by so many people who are excited to welcome Baby Westy into this world and we are encouraged to know they'll be there to support us as we enter this new adventure.

After sleeping in on Sunday morning we capped off the weekend with a special birthday brunch at Stanley's Kitchen (a Cochrane/Keeton family fave) in the West Loop. Celebrating my 28th birthday, it's crazy to think we'll soon experience an actual birth-day! On this final birthday sans-child (at least outside the womb), I wanted nothing more than to relax. So after brunch, we enjoyed a day on the couch in the AC (am I getting old?).

Our awesome hostess & host crew - Alisha, Stephen, Beth & Lauren

The STRONG and beautiful helper, Aunt Katie

The Cochrane brother BBQ crew - Carey, Kev (Grandpa C), & Dan

Matching bumps - Leslie & Sarah

A birdseye view - the party rocks on

The morning after - Stanley's Birthday Brunch


Sally said...

Sarah?! It's Sally Stall! You're not going to believe how I found your blog- I had already *coincidentally* linked Ryan's Blog to mine (without knowing whose it was; I just stumbled upon it somehow and found it interesting!) Then, I just found yours tonight. Nice to sort of reconnect! Feel free to check mine out...

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