Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Brandtrust SURPRISE Baby Shower

I suspected something was up when Beth asked me to be in the office on Wednesday (I now work at home several days a week)... but I honestly wasn't sure what. I thought it was a little early for a pre-baby celebration, and with my birthday coming up, I thought maybe we would celebrate early.

So when Katie asked me to help her with something in the copy room and Steph suggested we take a walk to chat/bring lunch back, I was happy to go. Little did I know I would return to a SURPRISE luncheon baby shower! My Brandtrust friends/colleagues really know how to throw a party.... complete with great food, fun decor, and a surprise special guest - Ryan! Highlights include everyone's baby name guesses (Katie's pick, Wicked Wichuthu Westrom, wins the creativity prize), the birthdate pool (winner gets a $100 Banana giftcard), amazing creme bruleƩ cake, and a very generous gift card for our stroller.

Thank you BT!

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katherine said...

If i am reading this correctly... all those 'birth'day guess' are LATER!! I'm un-officially joining the pool, i vote, hm... September 3rd. Yes, that early! love you--