Monday, August 27, 2007

When is Baby Westy coming?

I was hoping to have an actual ETA update after this morning's MD apt... but sorry, folks, there's really not much to report in the ETA world. The good news is Baby Westy still appears to be thriving in her cozy home that is my belly. Her heart rate is as we'd desire and I show no signs for concern. As big as she is (and as I feel) it really is amazing that she can still find the room to be so active in there. But I guess that's how this works.

Since this week marks week 37 (If this means nothing to you, like me until just a few months ago, babies typically come without concern between weeks 37 & 42. When you hear people say their due date, that's week 40. But since it's all a bit of a guesstimate, weeks 37-42 mark the magic window), and they "won't let" me go past week 39, it's safe to say she'll come in the next 2 weeks. If she doesn't come on her own before then, we'll have an ultrasound next Tuesday where we'll get another assessment of her size and then discuss the realities of either inducing labor or scheduling a c-section.

Today's MD did give me a little hope when she pressed on my belly and said, "Your baby's big, but not huge. Who knows, maybe the size estimates are off a little bit." We shall soon see...

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