Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flyin' to Cali

Tomorrow we're going on our first official vacation + Elynor!

We're heading outside San Fran to visit my sister & her husband, Elynor's Aunt Becca & Uncle George. Auntie Katie will join us from Indy on Friday (we're winning out over a trip to the Indy 500, oh do we feel special), as will our cousin Maggie, and our two Aunts - Corinne & Sandy. Lest you think we're cool enough for all these people to head out west, we'll also be visiting our cousin Molly, her husband John, & our newest family member, their sweet daughter, Maddie, who also live outside San Fran. It's a little family reunion!

Becca & George have a great itinerary lined up for us... all of which we'll report on when we return home next week. Please join us in praying Elynor enjoys her first plane rides (allowing others on the plane to enjoy theirs, too:)...

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Tracy said...

how did the flight and trip go?