Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Official: Crawling!

I've been too busy to capture it on video, so for the sake of record keeping, I'll just document in writing that Elynor is officially crawling. That's right, she's moving on knees and hands for the majority of the time. There are still a few belly scoots thrown in there here & there, but more often than not she's moving via the knees. I think this officially commenced last Thursday when she motored across a tennis court while I was doing some ab exercises (at a class, I don't just go to the tennis courts to do ab work). While this was exciting and all, I quickly learned a mommy lesson - crawling means dirty pants. Those cute pink terry sweats aren't quite as dainty with blackness buried into on each knee. Going forward, the dark pants will be making it into the outfit rotation more frequently. She's still working on her speed... but I predict it won't be long before I'm doing more chasing than watching. I'll do my best to share a video soon.

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Sheila said...

Definitely check out Babylegs or making your own (especially with a summer crawler because the ground gets so hot!). I made some in grey for my youngest son (hid the dirt well and looked a little more manly).