Tuesday, May 13, 2008


If you ever put your house on the market, I strongly recommend just moving out immediately. Or leaving your stuff there so it looks all cozy, but going and staying at a friends or a hotel.

Otherwise, here's what will happen:
- You will never cook b/c you don't want to have to deal with cleaning up the mess, or even worse, lingering smells that could offend the next potential buyer. But when you give in after getting sick of eating microwave soup or PB & J sandwiches, you'll be up until the wee hours of the morning getting things back to pristine condition and then you'll freeze the next day b/c you have to keep the windows open to air the place out.

- You will permanently sit on the floor b/c your couch covers are perfectly placed... suggesting you could actually have nice looking couches. And you'll get a lot more sleep or read more books because when your back starts breaking at about 8pm, you move to the more comfortable bed. If you have couch covers now and ever plan to sell your place, use your economic stimulus check for a new couch. I promise you (and your back and your marriage) will thank me for this suggestion.

- You will become more frequent patrons of Starbucks (or any other neighborhood coffee shop) because you: A) No longer brew coffee at home for fear of the lingering smell (see #1, above), 2)Use it as a hideout for you & the baby anytime your place is being shown.

- You will wonder where you put that dirty towel, those clean underwear, that library book, that stuffed octopus, your computer, your vacuum, etc. For, at t-minus 5 minutes to showing time, you will throw anything and everything into your private bedroom armoire, your storage ottomans, under baby's crib, or even down to the basement storage unit (and pray, pray, pray that prospective buyer will not want to see the storage unit... but then again, that would mean they're really interested in the place.... hmmmm....).

Here's praying this place sells soon & very soon...


Christan said...

I hope it sells soon for you guys! I feel your pain. I remember when we were moving from Ohio to Indiana. I was going to stay until the house sold, so we didn't pack anything up and went through all the same stuff you are experiencing. I remember I got a call one day at work that someone wanted to see the house. Great - I was in the middle of cleaning, but never finished the night before (echoing your late night scrubbing), so the vaccum was in the middle of the room, laundry was everywhere in the utility room, the bed was unmade, and the cleaning supplies were hanging out in the bath tub since we used the shower that morning. No one had looked at the house in a few weeks, so I wasn't worried abour cleaning it up before work. But, the people that saw the house in that condition were the ones that bought it! So, there is hope! Good luck on your quest and may the weather warm up and clear up so you have to clean the floor less! :)

Meredith said...