Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Over the River(s)...

and through the woods... to Elynor's house Grandma & Grandpa go...

Thank you Grandpa Lyle & Grandma Sue for making the 12-hour trek (one way!) from Northwest MN to spend approx. 22 hours with us this weekend. Some might call this crazy, but we call it extreme love. As always, we filled our time from start to finish - watching Elynor's antics, strolling around the 'hood, introducing G & G to thai food at Sticky Rice and Jimmy John's sandwiches, some extreme ice cream at Margie's Candies, and braving the Sunday morning monsoon to see our new little house and share a Mother's Day church service. Phew! I took a nap after all of that... but G & G drove 12 more hours to return home around 1am.

Thank you - we love you.

Grandma and Grandpa take turns luring the baby to their arms -

Grandpa Lyle bravely sacrifices his precious gold watch to E's frantic waves. Fortunately, there were no watch casualties.

Grandma Sue plays it safe with her watch, instead offering up a note card package.

Celebrating Mother's Day in style at Jimmy John's
(subs-so-fast-you'll-freak so G & G could get on the road)!

Until next time, thanks for visiting....

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