Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Answered Prayer

God is good - how this home purchase/sales/renovation process continues to teach us lessons about His plans, provision, and answered prayer! This weekend was another huge reminder. Not only did we have an amazing demo party at the new place (separate post to come), but we received not one, but TWO offers on our condo! Did I say God is good? After some back & forth and revisions to the offers... we accepted one Sunday evening. Yippee! Of course, there's still room for things to fall through while lawyers review the contracts, but we're optimistic and give thanks to God for his perfect timing.

For now we're looking toward an Aug. 15 closing. Oh, and NO MORE SHOWINGS - yippee! We can go back to a lived-in home (perfect timing for the daily visits from Hurricane Elynor).

1 comment:

Sunshine Eyes said...

CONGRATS! 2 offers in the same day. Love how that works. :)