Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's Official

After a bit of drama in the final days, we closed on the new place last Thursday. Whoohoo - thank you Lord! We're now the owners of two homes (still praying for someone to purchase this condo) and just starting the big rehab adventure. Our design consultant, Dave, and building lead, Justin, have already taken the reigns in guiding the process. With goal of being in by September, we're moving fast. This week we'll finalize the new floor plan, begin selecting finishes, and tear out the existing interior.

This weekend we stopped by to assess the journey before us, enjoy our new yard, and meet some of the neighbors (and some of our new pets) -

Introducing the Westy's Playlot. That's Elynor's pet swan making a nest on the white yard pebbles.

This lush green carpet is nicer on the knees than my usual wood floor.

And what girl wouldn't love her very own pet flamingos? But the pets aren't limited to the yard...

Elynor, meet your new pet horse. Don't be scared by his glowing eyes.

Be careful Elynor, getting too close to those beads might zap you back to 1970.

We discovered the key to babyproofing - hide the door behind a wall of tile.


Sunshine Eyes said...

congrats on the new house. The lawn ornaments, um, sorry - PETS - are hysterical! I must admit, I'm a wee bit jealous about the yard. It looks like a fantastic place to grow up a whole crop of city kiddos! :) Excited for you guys!

AKA said...

Did the previous owners run a tiling business or just love to tile???

Liz Mouse said...

Wow, they left behind those beads and the lawn pets...that must have been an accident ;) If you want us to take the flamingos off your hands, we can mail them to Lauren's grandparents in Florida...they have a whole bunch of folks down there that adopt lawn flamingos from the north and give them forever homes for them to retire to.

Greg said...

Congrats on the new place! Looks like Elynor is already enjoying it! I still remember the house where I grew up in Ohio--my earliest memories are in that house.