Sunday, June 1, 2008

More from Cali

Wow! Elynor's Uncle George & Aunt Becca captured our trip to Cali like photo pros. Here are a few more highlights. Check out George's website for the complete portfolio.

No, this background is not from photoshop - we're 1/2 way up our Yosemite hike (before we got to the really cold part, or I wouldn't have been smiling so much).

The Keeton cousins (Katie, Becca, Sarah, Elynor, Molly, Maddie & Maggie)

Thrilled to be experiencing "nature" (as Uncle George called it).

No, we would never let Elynor put her mouth on a cable car bar. That is, unless it's the only thing that makes her happy.

Is that Ace Ventura or Elynor?


Liz Mouse said...

Or is it Full House? Elynor, you are not allowed to take life lessons from Mary-Kate and Ashley.

april fool said...

yes that is the house from Full House!!!!!
see... there are others out there like me :)

Greg said...

Wow, neat pics! Glad to hear that the California trip went well.