Monday, July 14, 2008

The 4th

We celebrated our country's birthday not unlike we've been celebrating many friends' first birthdays - with lots of parties! We trekked down to Grandma V & Grandpa Kev's (in Greenville, IL) and enjoyed several gatherings with the Keeton clan (Sarah's mom's fam). This family loves any occasion for a party, but this weekend was extra special because we welcomed the newest cousin, Maddie, to IL! Here are just a few shots of the cousins:
Nice meeting you, Maddie. I give you props for your fashion.

But it looks like there's some action I gotta go check out.

Psst, Kelsie, can I play with you?

Thanks, Kelsie. Now can you share some of your tanning secrets?

Hmmmm.... Sorry Kelsie & Karlie, I think my daddy's calling me -

Weeee! Now this is fun!

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