Monday, July 28, 2008

Capping Off the Week

We capped off our week celebrating Chicago's great culture with a Saturday night concert/picnic at Millenium Park, enjoying the Grant Park Orchestra performing a tribute to Luciano Pavarotti. Before you get the idea we're high brow opera fans trying to introduce our daughter at a young age we should disclose that we were simply looking for a fun, free night out with friends and this fit the bill!

We arrived early to fully enjoy the picnic experience and overheard it was also Venetian Night (translation 1 - a boat parade after the concert followed by a great fireworks show; translation 2 - a testament to how busy i've been that i had no clue about this big event). So, a picnic and opera quickly turned into an all-night, under-the-stars event. Yes, this was a little risky with a 10.5 mo. baby who usually goes to bed around 7:30. But she was a champ - foreshadowing a nightowl future? The evening wasn't exactly our pre-baby Millenium Park concerts, but all-in-all it was a great experience.

Getting in the zone to enjoy a tribute to Pavarotti.

Even Daddy can't phase this focus.

Nor can a little boy with no pants. Can you hear me saying "Ommmmm"?

But after all that prep Pavarotti puts me to sleep.

So Mommy & Daddy try to pretend I'm not there.

They even take a hold-out picture just like they did before I arrived.

But don't get too comfy Mommy & Daddy... I want to watch the fireworks too!

And boy, are they cool!

I'm so tired I've now resorted to going sans-pants and making this crazy face. The people sitting next to us were so impressed with me (or so disturbed that Mommy & Daddy had me out) they insisted on taking this family photo.

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