Wednesday, July 2, 2008

9+ months

For those keeping track, yes, we did celebrate Elynor's 9-month b'day on June 13. She's officially been on this side of my abdominal wall longer than the other.

As we celebrated the first b'day of Elynor's friend Emilyn last weekend, I was reminded that Emilyn's birth was also a milestone for us last summer. She was the last baby girl to be born before Elynor amongst our closest friends. We especially anticipated what her name would be, as after her, we would be home-free with our name choice (not copying someone else). It really is remarkable how time flies. These little girls have moved from anxiously awaited flutters inside their mamas' tummies to little women who scoot, play, and flash their personalities - all within the course of one year. I guess this now means Elynor's first birthday is in the next round of celebrations. Yikes!

Until then, here are the 9 mo. stats:
Wgt: 19 lbs. 9 oz. (right on track with 6 mo. in the 75th %)
Hgt: 28.5 in. (also on track with 6 mo. in the 90th%)

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