Thursday, July 10, 2008

Have Baby, Will Travel

So, our "in between" time is drawing near. That is, in between closing on (thus, moving out of) our current place and finishing (thus, moving into) our new one. I guess you could call this homelessness, but I prefer "in between" since we'll technically have (and even be paying for) a home.

I've started scouring Craigslist's short-term lease/sublet circuit and even posted an ad offering our "house-sitting" services:
Responsible young family to 'watch' your house while ours is built

Yikes - we're closing on our current place before our new place will be finished! Let us house-sit for you while we wait. We will be homeless from Aug. 14 - end of Sept., so are happy to 'watch' your house anytime in this window. We are a young, professional couple with a 10-month daughter (who we promise won't tear the place up) currently living in Lincoln Square and relocating to Logan Square, but open to house-sitting in most Chicago neighborhoods. Thanks for your consideration!
Please join us in praying God will reveal the perfect short-term arrangement - one with limited hassle, and preferably, limited financial cost (as our $$ is much better spent on new pipes, wires, cabinets, etc. right now). He's already answered so many prayers, we lift these up with eager expectation!

Oh, and if you're interested, let us know if you'd like to utilize our house-sitting services. :)

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