Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Evolving House

Take a look at the progress we're (or should I say, the amazing Justin & his crew) making on the house.

I promise, this is progress. Though hopefully it will be a little more apparent to the non-construction-minded-eye in the next few weeks.

For those interested in stats, we move out of our condo Aug. 14 (yes, that's about 2 weeks... don't remind me). We hope to be into the new place mid- to late-Sept. We will be "housesitting" for approx. 4 different friends' households and "visiting" others during our interim period. Fun times are surely ahead!

Elynor's friends taking a nap...

One naked door & one still holding on to a few tiles.

This is the main floor. One day it will be a living & dining room & kitchen. We're still deciding if we'll keep that wallpaper.


AKA said...

Love the laundry shoot!!!

Christan said...

The house is looking good. It is so fun you get to remodel and make it how you want and your own. So, the big question is if you are going to let the lady you bought it from come back and look at it when you are done. I can only imagine she would freak out if she saw all these pics. I mean, she must have loved that pink tile and rust carpet to keep it there all these years. It is like my grandma with her gold carpet and striped "davenport" in her "front" room. Seriously, it is a coach on some really bad carpet in a living room. You have to love the old-school people. :)