Thursday, July 31, 2008


That's the number for IL poison control - in case you were wondering.

And if you (or your child) ever bites into a Cascade dishwasher cube you (or they) should drink water and then be monitored, but the worst that should happen is vomiting - in case you were wondering.

And you should probably keep said dishwasher cubes out of children's reach or in a locked cabinet - in case you were wondering.

And Elynor & I are just fine (and so is Ryan) - in case you were wondering.


Christan said...

Oh my goodness! I am just glad you guys are all okay. Maybe one day you'll look back and laugh about this incident. But, I would be in panic and worry mode now!

Leslie C. said...

oh my!! We did not have such a good day yesterday either!

Sunshine Eyes said...

oh my gosh! I can't imagine how I would have panicked!! So glad that she, and both of you, are okay. Thank goodness for poison control who can tell you exactly how bad the situation really is!