Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Adventures in Babysitting w/ Molly & Maggie

Last Saturday marked our first date night sans-baby thanks to my fab cousins, Molly & Maggie. They touted themselves as professional babysitters and I don't think they were kidding. They say Elynor didn't cry once while we were out. This could be due to their creative entertainment, which included a walk in her stroller, where she fell asleep, so they carried her up the 3 flights of stairs (in the stroller) and parked her (in the stroller) in the condo's hallway. They say the only foil to this plan was Ally... who was incredibly curious about why the Elynor & the stroller were blocking the hallway.

Unfortunately, we didn't take any group shots... not even of our post-date time out at the pub watching the Illini & Red Sox (Elynor is growing quite fond of our local pubs). We set a new post-baby record, not coming home until around 11pm! Crazy kids, I know. So enjoy these shots of their adventures in babysitting...

Molly (who's expecting another Keeton cousin this spring, yippee!) on feeding duty

Maggie on diaper duty (she's really having fun, huh?)

Molly covers playtime

And Maggie takes care of naptime

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Roxanne said...

good for you to get out! SO important!!!