Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dishes, laundry & dog hair

These seem to be my never-ending chores. It's much more difficult to ignore an overflowing kitchen sink, hamper, or piles of dog hair when you're at home for the majority of every day. And I seem to dirty a lot more dishes, and Elynor creates more dirty clothes. I'm not sure how Ally can possibly deposit so much hair. Too bad we can't collect it and sell it for pillow stuffing or making Halloween wigs or something. We would definitely be rich!

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Kristian Aloma said...

I feel you on the dog hair. I swept the house this morning for an inspection. I swear I could have had two gerbils and a bunny, or a small dog, or perhaps a litter of mice. Isn't Cuba supposed to be keeping the hair on his body for the winter, not getting rid of it?