Thursday, October 4, 2007

Weight Check Visit

Elynor visited her pediatrician again this morning. They call it a 'weight check' visit. As the title suggests, the main point is to see that she's gaining the necessary amount of weight. I find the title really funny. I mean, unless she decides to become a boxer or wrestler (please, God, no...) when else in this little woman's life will she ever willingly go to an appointment called a Weight Check and will we celebrate each ounce she's gained? Actually, is this what they call those weekly check-ins for Weight Watchers? Maybe TLC should start a show kind of like The Biggest Loser called The Biggest Gainer for babies.

Anyhoo... I'm happy to report that she's back up the birth weight (11 lbs. 3 oz. on the dot). This means a couple good things for her mama & daddy:

1. We can stop waking her for middle of the night feeds! That's right, no more setting the alarm. We can now just wait for our little human alarm to wake us (and cross our fingers that she doesn't do so until, say, 7am!?)

2. We can start introducing a bottle. We possibly could have done this sooner, but since she started on a bottle and getting her to go away from it was so difficult, the MD suggested we wait a little longer. But today she gave us the clearance to give it a go! I'm super excited about the prospects of feeling a little more free when we're out & about and also about others periodically helping w/ the feedings. Pray that she takes to it!

The MD also gave some advice RE: Elynor's gassiness (see previous post). First, she encouraged me that these things usually pass in a matter of weeks (phew)... She also suggested using some Infant Milicon (we'll see) and she suggested propping her mattress onto an angle with a telephone book (so this is what telephone books are used for these days, I wish I'd taken one from the pile in our foyer). Finally, in inventorying my past few days of eating, I realize I probably contributed to the issue with some salad I had for dinner on Tuesday night. I honestly thought all those food warnings were a little silly (or hoped they wouldn't influence us), but I don't think we've escaped. I think I'll have to cut out certain types of lettuce and legumes for a little while. Good thing I've got candy corn (see previous post).

For some reason, I find these pediatrician appointments both calming and reassuring. They see so many children with so many issues that, while not minimizing my situation, her lack of incredible concern gives me some perspective. Too bad I can't bring her home with me to calm me at 9pm.

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