Monday, October 1, 2007

Searching for a Smaller Budget Hairdresser

So I need a haircut. Nothing fancy... probably just a few inches off the bottom and my bangs trimmed. It's probably longer than it's been my entire life, which I thought would be good for post-baby ponytails. But it's now too long to even consider wearing down. And I hope someday in the not-so-distant future I'll be able to be a sans-ponytail mama (and maybe also stop wearing sweats everyday, which for now I blame on my still healing incision).

Unfortunately, the stylist whom I love and has kept me well-coiffed for several years doesn't quite fit into the post-baby budget. At least not in the post-baby, mama's 60% maternity leave then 0% leave-of-absence budget. I know I should have considered this months ago, but I think I was living in denial while enjoying my remaining trips to my beloved stylist.

So I share this with you not to whine, but to ask for your advice. Can anyone recommend a talented Chicago stylist who might better fit into this mama's budget? For now I just need a cut, but ideally, this person could also do color down the road... I prefer they be in the city, but if there's something great in the burbs, please share. Thank you!


Christan said...

Good luck finding a good hairdresser! Finding one that is good and affordable is hard to come by. I've had lots of traumatic experiences just finding one that is okay. I have yet to find the perfect hairdresser, or the perfect 'do for that matter! Of course, I like my hair short, but die without my ponytail. So, I do have some hard requirements to deal with! :) Good luck! If you find a good one, let us know. Heck, I might roadtrip to Chicago for a haircut!

emily said...

Hey Sarah, did you find a hairdresser yet? (I thought maybe you had when I saw you yesterday because your hair looked really cute, but I didn't get to ask you because of that really bizarre and awkward interaction we had with that guy...) Anyway, if you haven't, there is a place called Lather on Montrose right by the Montrose brown line stop. I went there for a while and liked it - it's not amazing, but it will do the job if you don't need a complicated haircut. I think cuts are $44 and highlights are around $115. I haven't found anything much cheaper than that in the city - unless you want to go the Cost Cutters route. :) The proximity also went a long way for me. The girl I went to is named Angela.