Friday, October 26, 2007

Future cheerleading squad

Last night Elynor and I, along with several other mamas and babies cheered on our husbands/dads at their Chicago Sport & Social Club basketball game. Their purple team was victorious, as I'm sure you can tell from these elated babies after the game. Though they weren't very vocal, I do think the very site of 5 babies (Caroline left before this pic) frightened the opposing team comprised of single guys!

Austin Hill, Elynor, Addison Riedberger, Natalie Kent (L-R) with their mean 1/2 time show (thanks for the pic, Meredith!)


Sunshine Eyes said...

awesome! What a great photo! Too funny, seeing the row of sleeping little ones. I bet it did scare the other team of single guys to death!

Liz Mouse said...

So many puns come to mind...

"Dribble" has a whole new meaning. And so does a "time out"

The dads on this team sure know how to score ;)