Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tummy Time

Thus far, Elynor's tummy time has taken place on the kitchen counter in order to avoid the curious Ally. But after rolling onto her back (and very close to the edge of the counter) during yesterday's playtime, it looks like we've turned a new leaf in her life. No more counter playtime. Today marked our first session training Ally to leave Elynor alone while playing on the floor (and it went very well - phew!).

A final counter tummy time


AKA said...

While she is adorable, my eyes are drawn to the jar of pumpkins, candy corn and peanuts in the background.

SheWesty said...

Oh man... I'm busted. And look how close to empty it is!

april fool said...

i just watched the making of candy corn... and u will be happy to know u are not alone with your love for them. Americans eat enough of them each year to circle the moon 4 TIMES!!! so eat on- eat on <3