Monday, October 8, 2007

Welcome to Baby Bootcamp

Why are Elynor & I partaking in Baby Bootcamp today/tomorrow?
A) I am a sleepwalking zombie
B) My back is writhing in pain after holding an 11 lb. baby most of the day
C) I left her to sleep in the Baby Bjorn (strapped to my front) while I went to the bathroom
D) All of the above

Answer: All of the above
There are probably several other reasons (some that are a little less me-focused)... but these are the key factors influencing my new resolve to teach this little girl to sleep on her own.

As any regular reader of this blog knows, our primary challenge with Miss Elynor is getting her to sleep in her crib or other locations other than me or while in motion. We have gently 'tried' some sleep training methods (I prefer to call it sleep teaching, training sounds like she's a dog), but honestly, by about the second round of the day, I usually give in and let her sleep on my chest or just hold her. But after several more days of this difficult routine, and some cheerleading from a book, I am newly resolved to really give the teaching a go for the next few days. I realized that I was losing confidence not only in my ability to stick with it/help her... but also in her ability to learn to sleep. I found myself getting really frustrated at her for not getting it.

But that's just it... she's in the process of learning to sleep (who ever dreamed a baby would need to learn this?!). This little girl already learned to breastfeed under difficult circumstances and seems to be catching on to her bedtime routine... so why shouldn't I believe she can do it during naptimes and in the middle of the night? Really, this is probably a great lesson for the rest of our life together. If I can't support her/stick with her through a learning process, who will?

So midday yesterday we entered into Bootcamp with a new resolve. This Bootcamp will take place at our house, just her & me (and Rye in the evening), and it will involve staying steadfastly committed to a nap/sleep routine. The goal is for her to start to learn the cues and eventually sleep on her own. I may be absolutely wiped after the next few days, as this process will surely be difficult. But I'm convinced that we can do it... together... and the promise of some naps/more nighttime sleep/less back pain/ and private bathroom breaks (as well as benefits to Elynor, which I wrote about before:) are the reward hanging before me.

Please prayer for us... especially late in the afternoon and around 2-3am, which are like mile 25 in the marathon of our days... when I'm at my weakest and really want to throw in the towel.


The Warner Four said...

You can do it!!! It is so worth it after you get the routine established :) It's so awesome once you know the times they eat, sleep, play, etc. Then you can finally plan in advance :) Good luck! Courtney

AKA said...

Just keep telling yourself...It will be worth it in the long run. Delayed gratification. You're laying bricks for future Ryan, Sarah & Elynor to have great sleeping habits. Repeat.

SheWesty said...

thanks so much ladies! the encouragement from those who've gone before me is so awesome.
she actually slept for 3 of 5 naps today... which we can celebrate!

The Warner Four said...

You're getting there :) It's so hard to be mad about it when looking at that beautiful face.

Love, Courtney

Liz Mouse said...

The Baby Bjorn was a God-send for our hefty baby Lauren a this age. It saved me back. Have you figured out how to lean over the couch or crib and slide out of it once she is asleep? I will also admit to going to the bathroom with the Baby Bjorn out for those long legs! We put Lauren through baby sleep boot camp when she was 4.5 months old - she did great. It was worth it! And now that she can roll over onto her stomach, she sleeps for 1.5 hr naps during the day. Praise God! Previously her usual day naps would only last 30-45 min!