Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How to fix a squeaky floor?

Does anyone know how to fix old, squeaky wooden floors? Short of completely replacing them? Among our many lessons learned when purchasing our gut-rehab condo a little over 3 years ago is to ask very detailed questions about what, exactly, will be done to "keep the beautiful, original floors" while repairing/adding insulation (possibly putting this in writing)... should we ever purchase a home of similar construction, again (as an aside, we would not recommend anyone in Chicagoland ever purchase from the developer Art Collazzo, who markets through Koenig & Strey... our list of quality complaints along with general shady factors is long).

The squeaky floors have been a nuisance since the day we moved in... but since were were rarely here and awake more than a few hours a day, it was something we could live with. But now that I'm not only home for the majority of every day, frequently walking and bouncing about the entire 1,000 square feet trying to calm a fussy baby, trying to sneak out as a drowsy baby nods off, trying not to disrupt my husband's sleep at 3am, or trying to enjoy a rocking chair in peace, I notice every inch of this poor construction.

Any advice? Or should I just start focusing on this adding charm to our home?

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