Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy 1-mo. B'Day Elynor

It's hard to believe that Elynor has lived outside the comfort (for her) of my belly for just over 1 month! We celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a special brunch at Sola... complete with some amazing appetizer donuts that we think were actually little funnel cake balls. We had to eat them for Elynor, of course!

This milestone was also marked by her 1-month visit to the pediatrician, yesterday. Praise God, she again checked out with flying colors on her physical exam, and she is also getting more calm while being poked and prodded by the MD. She now weighs 11 lbs. 10 oz. and measures 23 inches - both of which putting her in the 95th percentile. The MD said her feet are not big, however, so she doesn't think Elynor will be a giant (her word) forever. Good to know. :)

The gift of her life is truly amazing. How slow our 9 months of anticipation seemed to go... yet it's already become difficult to remember many aspects (not all... ) of our life before her arrival.

Here's to many more celebrations of Elynor's life... days, months, and years!

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Liz Mouse said...

Congrats Elynor! We stole this idea from my brother...we take a picture each month of Lauren sitting by the same stuffed animal so that over time, we can see her get bigger.