Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Finished Products: Our Bedrooms

Back in July I wrote about our incredibly productive prepare-for-baby work weekend, during which, with the help of my parents, we tackled everything from painting our bedrooms and changing light fixtures to moving furniture and shopping for new decor.

Since then, we've added the finishing touches and are excited to share the below pics of the finished products (well, finished today... is design ever really finished?).

Special additional thanks to:
- Tom, Kim & Natalie for giving us their gently used crib
- Stephen for helping assemble the crib
- Craigslist friends for the great deals on all other furniture
- Stephen, Alisha, Tracy & Tracy for helping move Craigslist furniture
- Rye for tackling my long to-do list (usually with a smile)

Note: I had to be very strategic with the baby's room pics because we just hung letters for her name over the crib... and since the name is a surprise, well, you'll just have to wait and see.

Our new room (makes us feel like adults)

More 'real' furniture for the adult room

Baby's room - view from the door

Baby's room - view from the rocking chair

The crib from the rocking chair

Baby's room - view from the rocking chair

The rocking chair (No, we're not trying to make the baby a techie with that giant old computer. It will disappear once Rye gets a laptop!)


Robby said...

You got something against techies?

Tracy said...

looking so good and def ready for the "arrival!"

Ashley said...

Your place looks great! I can't wait to hear what you name your little girl! It was so great to see you at your party; thanks for inviting us. Ashley (and Steve too) :)

Kristian Aloma said...

awww, baby's first computer!