Monday, September 24, 2007

Multitasking Mama

At work we used to tease one of my friends & colleagues Kristian about the amount of time he spent on the computer. At one point he even kept a log to determine exactly how many of his waking hours were spent in front of the little screen.

I must now ask Kristian for his forgiveness. Little did I realize my own addiction. But when I found myself aggravated at my little girl yesterday afternoon for not adhering to her 3-hour feed schedule, and hence, preventing my computer time, the truth hurt. I was craving some 'connection' with the outside world, which I can get in tiny, nap-size, pieces via the web.

I was thankful for the arrival of Grandma Westrom yesterday afternoon. Yes, of course because she'll help out around the house, and with diaper duties, and crying baby support... but also because this will guarantee me a little more time at the computer.

With that, I've got to go. If Baby Elynor sticks to her 3-hour schedule, I should have 1 hour for sleep (because Grandma is holding her)!


Kristian Aloma said...
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Kristian Aloma said...

Addictions are titles typically given to bad things - drugs, tobacco, beer (that one is often questioned). As you said though, the Internet provides you a little connection to the "outside." Nothing wrong with that, methinks!

Go head e-Momma!

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