Friday, September 28, 2007

Starting Her Young

During Daddy Daycare this evening Elynor was introduced to ESPN the magazine. Narration included educating her on the major sports (note: the difference between college & NFL football, not to be confused with soccer, the American version of the international football), telling her about the newest Nike's, and showing her the phone Daddy would like to buy.

Was she sending us a signal when she lost it by the table of contents?


Mark Sidarous said...

hey, make sure you balance her out. Perhaps reading her a book from the chronicles of narnia for each major sports season? This kid has got some athlete potential, sure, but she's also got some serious nerd potential!

Westy said...

I would like to state for the record that I read all of them as a kid.

So, in making her well-rounded, there's no doubt that not only will there be sports, but there will be the Chronicles.

There's no doubt I'd be excited to see her fulfill her nerd potential.