Sunday, September 30, 2007

Getting Better

For those keeping up, you may be wondering how things have been since my rough 12-hours post. It is with great praise that I must report things have been better (like so many parents who've traveled this road before us promise they would be...)!

Elynor & I continue to improve at breastfeeding. It's getting faster and easier with each feed (see my last post, we even fed in public TWICE today).

AND, her ability to go to sleep in her own crib is also improving. We started off just focusing on her "bedtime", where Ryan has been amazing at "shhhing" her as many times as it takes (I think 4 or 5 is the record) to get her to sleep in her crib. For those unfamiliar (which I was just a few weeks back), this means only picking her up if she's absolutely screaming, but then putting her back in the crib once she's more calm, but before she falls asleep, and then gently patting and "shhing" her until she goes to sleep. "Goes to sleep" is the tricky thing, because often, after about 5 minutes, she'll wake up and begin crying again. Hence, Ryan going back and repeating the drill 4 or 5 times until she's *really* asleep.

Why do this? you ask... Well many camps believe it helps to create more confident, well-rested (and happy awake) children and, as opposed to the "cry-it-out" camp, it also retains their trust in you as their parent by being there to help/encourage them. But probably more than these reasons, we're doing it because it will help us to have a little more predictable schedule... at least as to when she'll be sleeping... and will also help me when I'm home alone to not have to carry or hold her every time she sleeps (potential grounds for me going crazy...).

I'm hopeful that it's working because last night after our 2am feed she *really* went to sleep after one set of "shhhh's" and this afternoon did the same! There is hope. :) Thanks for your continued support & prayers.

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