Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

I love that song from Annie...
The sun'll come out... tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow
You're only a day away
(sorry, no videos of me singing)
On this eve of our daughter's birth, I'm finding it difficult not to focus exclusively on tomorrow.

Yes, for those to whom this is news, we have a c-section scheduled for tomorrow at 11:30 am. Unless she decides to come between now & then, her birth certificate will read Sept. 13, 2007, sometime around 12pm. For those who find this level of planning a little bit too 21st century, I'm right there with you (I've got another post coming on this topic)... but with the baby's projected size there's really no debate on the c-section, and since they don't like for diabetic women to go much past 39 weeks, this really is best for her and me. So here we are...

One benefit to knowing exactly when we'll go in for delivery is having a team of friends and loved ones dedicated to praying for us. As you think about tomorrow (and as the Annie song now rings in your head all day, today), will you please lift us, and some of the following specifics, up in prayer?

Thank you... and be sure to check back, tomorrow! :)
1. Sarah's blood sugars to cooperate overnight and into the morning, leading up to the surgery. Pray that she will not need to eat/drink due to low blood sugar within the 6-hours pre-surgery, and alternately, that her blood sugars will not err on the high side.

2. Sarah & Ryan to experience peace, and not anxiety, in the next 24 hours through the coming days. Pray that we will find comfort in God's sovereignty over every event. Pray that we'll be able to just relax and take it all in, together.

3. Wisdom and kindness from the medical team... and a sensitivity to the fact that this is the birth of our daughter, not just another surgery on the conveyor belt.

4. Sarah & baby's health during & post-delivery.

5. Safety for family members traveling to Chicago.

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Kristian Aloma said...

i don't pray much, but i'll make an exception for baby Kristina... :). Have a glorious birthday!